Book Review: Reborn by Aarti Asrani

Sometimes all you need to do is sit back hear the breeze to find your space in the world as the universal energy becomes your guide.

Words: Ambica Gulati 

For some the book might be just a few pages to pass your time; for others it could be the way you become the change that you want to see in your world. Written in a very simple style, Reborn is just 138 pages thick.

With a large font and lots of simple case studies, it’s perhaps the quickest reads in the spiritual world. There is no deep delving into the philosophical adventures of mahatmas or quotations from a guru. There is just a simple study of living in awareness of the world around you.

Like you, the world around you is also made up of energy and it’s for you to figure out how your frequency has to match the abundance that lies in the universe. The best thing that I liked about the book is that there are recaps to every chapter in simple bullet style points. So, even if you haven’t read anything in depth, you can just find all the relevant stuff at the end.

The author is a certified healer and holds many workshops. To understand how to invite peace, abundance into your life, it’s necessary to understand that the universe recognises your frequency. And if you give it mixed vibes, you keep getting a jumble of things. But if you are clear and live in state of eternal gratitude, then the universe sends more.

We can change everything that is within our purview, including the way we see money, relationships, career, home, family. The universe is helpful and giving, we should know how to ask and we need to find the correct way to ask and do things.

For me, the book is a reminder that I am capable of living my life to the fullest and that I need to love the way the universe sends me the gifts.

There are very easy-to-do exercises which don’t take up a lot of time. All you would need is a quiet space and the passion to make a change. For instance, if you want to let go of money lacks, then you need to understand from where this lack comes. Some basic principles which are applicable in all things would be inculcating a grateful attitude, embracing things with an open mind, loving life. 

This is just a one-hour read but it could be your aid at any step and stage in life. Should you need to connect to the author for any self-help, then you can log on to or mail her at

Publisher: Adhyaan Books; Price: INR 499


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