Books on my shelf: Harp by Nidhi Dalmia

Few of us know him as the owner of Keventer’s but now most of us know of him as the author of this book. While the book was launched at the French Ambassador’s residence in Delhi, it talks about everything cool in France.

From left: French Ambassador to India, H.E. Alexandre Ziegler,
author Nidhi Dalmia, author-journalist Vajju Naravane 

Words: Ambica Gulati

Well, it begins with a sexy scene, lots of kisses and innuendos and then takes one across Europe  Simply written, properly articulated, the book is a delight for those who want to read fiction which has lots of travel in it. The author talks about cities, about love, about relationships and all characters are loveable Indians.

The tale of love of Ashok, Lauren and Aparna moves around in the city of love, that is Paris. And many of us would love to read it for the way the author goes around describing scenes of the couple and the place. Guess what? Ashok does go to Paris to learn dairy farming and doesn’t that sound like this is the reason Keventer’s came into being. For the uninitiated, Keventer's is the milkshake place which offers some delicious flavours across Delhi-NCR. Maybe, the author uses a lot of his personal experiences to weave a tale which would make a lot of young ones happy.

The book has a lot of manufacturing jargon such as phrases like point of purchase, sale, products made in. and it also has lots of Delhi in it. Being a Delhiite, words like Green Park market, Mehrauli, gave it a strong visual appeal. I could relate to the area, even though it was more of historic link as the book is based in the 1960s. The main thing which I liked was the symbol of the harp at the beginning of every chapter. Lauren was a musician and love is music. You find lots of mentions of musicians such as Elvis, Bobby and more. There is a lot of tradition and culture and many twists which leave one gasping. The book is an interesting read for the modern Indian who can relate to love with a foreigner, distance in relationships, an Indian family wanting to stick to its roots, yet wanting to be modern and living in the now, instead of days one by.

At the launch, held ways back in March 2017, the French Ambassador to India, H.E. Alexandre Ziegler said it could be a befitting way to connect India and France. The conversation with author-journalist Vajju Naravane during the launch had brought to light the many facets of the book and the way it had been woven.

For Dalmia, a tale of love was the best way to make a debut as an author, now that his son sees the business. But you read it to know who Ashok stays with in the end and in which part of the world he finds true love.
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Paperback: 412 pages
Publisher: The Write Place; Latest Edition edition (2017)
Language: English
Price: Rs 294
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