Beauty at home—Yes Madam

Looking good anytime, anywhere is easy now with this salon which lands at your doorstep

Words & photographs: Ambica Gulati

Armed with two huge bags, the lady dressed in a Yes Madam uniform arrived right on time for the scheduled facial. With the heat giving a beat to the skin, D-tan and Instant glow with VLCC seemed the appropriate choice. Khusbhoo has been working with Yes Madam, the home salon which operates in Noida, from the last one year and finds herself at different doors at least three in a day. Most women prefer this, as it saves them time and gives them desired results, she says. The home salon offers all the services, including hair cuts and at affordable prices.

Yes Madam has tied up with all the brands like VLCC, Lotus, O3+ and gets sealed one-time use beauty products. Before beginning the service, the pack can be checked by the customer. The service includes their changing gowns and sheets too. The customer is troubled for nothing, except water or ice perhaps or disposing off the liquids. The gloves and plastic shoes are always on, even the foldable stool comes in the huge bag.  Customers can also choose to take the services with their own products.
What we liked was the efficiency, the polite manner and the non-interfering way of working. All in an hour’s work, the face was clean and the room looked as neat as it had been before Khushboo’s arrival. All was neatly packed and she even gave the left over packs to us, as it could be used for another round at home.

Yes Madam has different kinds of beauticians—An 8-star rated beautician will be available at Rs 8/min and 6-star rated would be at Rs 6/min. The 8-star rated service will include free Wi-Fi, unlimited entertainment for the customer during the service. Customers can also avail the services in prime hours (morning and evening between 7-9am and 7-9pm) by paying prime time charges @ Rs 8/min.

In case a beautician spends extra time on a service that shouldn’t be requiring that much time, the customer will not have to pay for those additional minutes. For example, if a service should ideally be taking about 60 minutes and the beautician finishes the same job in 70 minutes, in that case the customer is not expected to pay for those extra ten minutes. On the other hand if the beautician finishes the service in lesser time, customer will only pay for the time they availed.
The customer can pay via cash or online. After four days they call the customer for feedback regarding the servicing experience and also ask for a rating. Visit


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