Book review: Every Gift Matters by Carrie Morgridge with John Perry

Lessons and experiences of a philanthropist which are practical and out of the box.

Even before I got the book, I was skeptical about this. But then I am a journalist and hold no opinions until facts are verified. Talking about philanthropy is something most of use view with a certain suspicion for it may be nothing more than just a way to enhance your image. But reading Carrie Morgridge’s book has changed my views. It’s not easy to give, but giving has to be wise business. And I think Carrie has done that well. The genuine desire to help others shines through but wasting money does not. She wants people to realize the value of what she is giving and she ensures that it is spent right.

The language is simple and forthright. She shares her experiences and guides others while giving. In this process, she has also learned a lot of lessons and believes in being hands on with anything she does.

I liked many traits—passion for the project, thinking out of the box, site inspections, listening patiently, doing proper research, taking successful models to other places. And in between are children and teachers who are benefiting.

A chapter I liked is on Carrie’s life. She does not shy from revealing truths about herself, places she ahs worked in and cities she has been to. While, it’s good to be a spender, but being a sensible spender and giver is essential. Which is what the Krishna also says in the Gita, you have to give to the right person at the right time and in the right way, only then it will complete your karma. I don’t know if she has read this, but she is certainly following it to the hilt.

And I wish some of the nice things that she has presented to schools in the US would find their way to the needy in India too. A little bit of effort can go a long way and maybe philanthropists across the world, especially India, would share their stories too so that one can see the good work being done. Read the book to learn some practical things about life. 
-Ambica Gulati
Book details
Title: EVERY GIFT MATTERS: How Your Passion Can Change the World
Author: Carrie Morgridge with John Perry 
Publisher: Greenleaf Book Group Press
Publication Date (US): May 5, 2015
ISBN: 978-1626341821
Format: Hardcover 
Price: $19.95


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