Book review: No Safe Zone by Adite Bnerjie

When love mingles with treason, there comes a thriller that compels you to read till the end

Words: Ambica Gulati

There’s always been something about romance that tingles the senses, the body and the mind. And of course the heart. But when Adite Banerjie writes it, the story is not about mushy love. No Safe Zone has all the masala of a Bollywood thriller. It is the story of two people separated by evil motives. It has a murder, a conspiracy, sex rackets, royalty trying to keep its money intact and living in an illusionary world with lots of trappings but no practicality.

The story has an empowerment angle--girls being educated, villagers being taught a new way of life, the slimy slithery snakes being weapons of destruction! Yes, there’s a lot to this book than just plain romance.

The story of Qiara and Kabir is no easy cosy college romance. Its two adults fighting a scary gang. And the gang is run by the rich and famous who live life the gambler’s way; it’s about half brothers, about legacies, about snatching of power and lying. It’s about slavery. But when a journalist turns into a fiction writer, this is natural.

The language is simple, Banerjie’s exposure to the world around is evident in the multiple plots. There are children being sold, girls being traded, foreigners wanting virgins, nothing less than blood curdling.

There are not many characters but those there are well portrayed. In fact, we can relate to the tattoos on the girls, the clothing described, the colours experienced, the landscape talked about. The poverty stricken world of villages and the greedy world of urban India have been well explored. And of course, love being the mainstay, the hero turns out to be a true one, legally, morally and ethically correct. So do pick it up now, for you will enjoy the plot and the fast-paced style, besides the romance.

No Safe Zone by Adite Banerjie
Harlequin, Romance
₹ 199.00

Pages: 188  


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