Broomberg: The home and office spa

Deep cleaning solutions giving walls, carpets, kitchens and furniture the fresh look and feel.

Words: Ambica Gulati

Armed with a vacuum cleaner and a basket of cleaning stuff, two young men in black and green t-shirts spent three hours cleaning my living room. They scrubbed and dusted the fans, lights, the doors, the window panes, the sofas and even the room coolers. Rohit and Nitin went non-stop to give the living room a stain and dust free look. Their t-shirts said This is a new cleaning service which has been launched by young entrepreneurs—23-year-old Samrat Goyal and 24-year-old Ishan Baisoya.

A fairly new concept for the Indian market, I asked them what makes the venture lucrative and how successful they feel it will be. Excerpts:

How did you conceive the idea of Broomberg?
The idea struck when there was a fire in Samrat’s brother’s home in Mumbai. He had to call a fire brigade and after they left, the entire house was in a mess with water and soot on the floor, walls, cupboards. It was practically unlivable and needed to be cleaned immediately. But it wasn’t an easy job. He tried calling various cleaning companies and most of them simply refused and claimed they cleaned only during Diwali or other festivals. Finally, he came across a company which sent two laborers to clean up the next day. These people were not trained at all and did not carry any equipment with them. This accident set Samrat thinking of the opportunity that professional and efficient staff could offer in the cleaning space.

What are the challenges you faced in setting it up?
The main challenge was to learn how to clean. Initially both of us thought that cleaning would be an easy task and when we started out, we bought all kinds of cleaning supplies and equipment and actually started to clean up homes ourselves. It was only after a few months that we truly mastered cleaning as an art and science and were able to train the cleaners on how to do it.

Considering most Indians wish to hire cheap labour for this kind of work, how do you feel Broomberg can fill a gap in making households cleaner?
This is not correct. You can hire a worker off the streets but then there are issues. First, the worker will not be background verified and can end up being a security issue, second, an unskilled labor would not know hot to clean, trust us when we say that cleaning is a specialists job and cannot be done by anyone. Third, the worker will not have the right equipment or the right cleaning agents. Finally you would need to supervise the worker and micromanage which is an issue as people do not have the time to do that. Our cleaners on the other hand are well trained, can be trusted, as they are background verified as well as on our pay rolls and they carry all the necessary equipment and cleaning agents for the job.

Where do you source your chemicals from? How safe are they?
We use cleaning agents manufactured by the world's top company which are used in 5- and 7-star hotels. There are different kinds of agents that are used for different applications. Critical areas in the home are cleaned using cleaning agents that is completely plant based and non toxic for safety. 

How strong a team is there for this?
Team size depends on the job. For full home cleaning we send a four-member team and for smaller jobs we send between one to two people.

What kind of training do you give them?
We have a separate training department. Cleaners undergo a three-month cleaning and soft skills training that included hands on training in our special facility and on the job training.

Where all are you offering this service?
All of Delhi and NCR

What are the price points for this?
Packages for full home cleaning start from Rs 4,999, it depends on the size of the home and number of kitchens, bathrooms, area bathroom cleaning is for Rs 900, kitchen cleaning for Rs 1800, sofa cleaning for Rs 300 per set.

Are you only doing residences or commercial properties as well, as in smaller shops?
We do both, homes as well as businesses, offices shops, restaurants.

How has the response been and what is your future vision?
We have been doing good business as we emphasise on quality and customer satisfaction. We are already the biggest cleaning company in Delhi-NCR and aim to go national soon. We stand by our vision of 'clean living' and plan to help our customers achieve this.

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About the founders
Samrat Goyal completed his B.A in Mathematics from Delhi University and later was offered a 104% scholarship to pursue M.Sc. in Finance from the London School of Economics and Political Science. He has worked with KPMG and The Boston Consulting Group (India) where he worked at various locations in South Africa, Namibia and India.

Ishan Baisoya has three degrees (BBA, B.Com, MBA) to his credit and is also pursuing an LLB. He has worked in the real estate sector as well.


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