Top 10 fragrances for men

Sweaty, grimy and dusty—that’s the last thing you want to look in this summer. More so, when you are wishing to meet people or go on a date. But a trained perfumer, Rajiv Sheth – CEO & Creative Director, All Good Scents, has a solution for all those men who constantly want to smell good even in summer. Step up your cool quotient with the top picks in summer fragrances for men:

Lemon: The most classic ingredient for any summer men’s fragrance, lemon is used in top notes of the perfumes. Giving you a fresh and crispy feel, the citrus fragrances add
zest to your life. Eau Sauvage – Christian Dior and Armani pour Homme are best for
the men in love with citrus fragrances.

Peppermint: A not-to-be-missed fragrance in summers, peppermint is a unique blend of green, minty, cool and aromatic notes. Distinctively extrovert, peppermint gives a long
lasting and rich fragrance. Indulge in Urbane Nights – All Good Scents or Chocolate
Mint – Demeter for that exotic and sensual scent that keeps you feeling the vibes all
day long.

Lavender: One of the few floral notes used in men’s fragrances, lavender is a clean aromatic note for the man who is a unique blend of elegance, panache and poise. Pour
un homme – Caron, English Lavender – Atkinsons are a perfect pick for the men who
enjoy life to the fullest.

Cedar: A clean, balsamic woody note, Cedar is used in middle and base notes of the
perfume. Leaving a positive impression with a long lasting fragrance, perfumes with
cedar notes are for the men in total control of themselves. Cedre – Serge Lutens,
Cool – All Good Scents are a wise buy for this unique fragrance.

Rosemary: Derived from Latin, ‘dew of the sea’, Rosemary is a grassy green, camphor note used in perfumes. Acqua di Gio – Georgio Armani, Chrome – Azzaro are a must have for any irresistible macho man in love with nature.

Nutmeg: Add a zing to your cologne with Nutmeg, a spicy, sweet and earthy fragrance note. A hallmark fragrance, the light woody base notes will make you irresistible to any
woman. Wearing a Fahrenheit – Christian Dior or Smooth – All Good Scents will
make every woman turn her head as you pass by. 

Fir: A classic and ever green scent, Fir is a green, woody, balsamic and fresh note used in wide variety of men’s fragrances across the globe. To make a striking and bold
statement wear Hugo – Hugo Boss or Aspen for Men – Coty and see the difference.

Patchouli: Patchouli, an earthy, woody and smoky note is used equally in men and women perfumes. A must have for summer season, Patchouli smells better on ageing.
Wearing Patchouli Absolu – Tom Ford and Arise – All Good Scents makes a statement
as powerful as you. 

Vetiver: Largely used in men’s fragrances, Vetiver, an Asian weed grass is a cool fragrance. This dependable and long lasting scent has dry, woody, smoky and chocolate
undertones. Vetiver – Guerlian or Terre d’Hermes – Hermes is the best bet for the
men in love with this fragrance.

Oakmoss: The wet, green, forest and woody note fragrance, Oakmoss has taken its essence from the lichens growing on oak tree in Eastern Europe. It belongs mainly to the
fougere group of fragrances. Perfumes like Polo – Ralph Lauren or Rabanne pour
Homme – PacoRabanne is an exquisite signature for every man of sophistication.

Some of the best men’s colognes and fragrances can help all the cool men ward off the summer woes.


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