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  • Ambica Gulati
Romance is and has always been a woman’s weakness or strength. It is what keeps her going. And Tanu Jain’s new romance is what every woman is and will look for--A handsome prince, the royal blood falling in love with a commoner, love at first sight, conspiracy by the mother and the family and finally the coming together. What’s unusual is that the book begins with the commoner running off after marriage as she is pulled down and pushed around by the snooty family, especially the mother who refuses to accept her. It’s very Indian masala but what keeps you enthralled is Tanu’s writing style. What keeps the book together is the love. The ultimate truth is that every woman needs a provider, a lover and a strong shelter. And Maharaj Vidyaman Veer Singh is an epitome of all this. The story goes well with our Indian history, our royal past, and also the inability of the royal blood to accept that the days of Raj are over. Tanu has captured the hurting comments, the cutting through of self-esteem of a young girl in love, the emotional sabotage and the subsequent flight very well. But I loved the Maharaj’s character—he truly emerges an M&B hero. Wish we had them in real life too. The book is simply written, the plot well woven, the love scenes hot and the emotional unravelling a dream. Pick it, read it but not before you know more about Tanu Jain.
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Excerpts from an email conversation:

Romance is an eclectic genre. And every woman's dream. How did this dream come true for you in terms of writing?
Love makes the world go round! And I love writing about romance because I feel that it is love -- for one’s soulmate, one’s children, parents, friends people around us, the whole world in fact– that leads us to abiding joy and happiness. The missing piece in life’s puzzle, it is love that gives a spiritual dimension to human life and it is relevant still in today’s world of quick relationships and even quicker divorces. I have been hooked onto M&Bs from class eighth onwards and as I grew up I realised that romance novels were about strength, kindness, optimism, honesty and compassion which were values that my parents had drilled into me as a child. So, when I finally wrote a romance novel it was both emotionally and morally satisfying!

What does a writer keep in mind when building romantic characters and situations?
A creative mind like a sponge absorbs and imbibes from its surroundings and an innocuous happening, a chance encounter or a casual mention of a person could morph into a story, character or situation. That said, building characters and situations requires painstaking effort and a lot of hard work. One has to flesh out the fictional characters, decide their individual traits, figure out their motivations and recognize   the impulses that drive them. Situations have to be believable, convincing and at the same time innovative tugging at the reader’s attention.

Which authors inspire you?
I’m a bookaholic and a romance addict. Books have always been my favourite companions and I owe so much to so many writers--whose books peopled my imagination, fuelled my dreams and ignited my feelings. Jane Austen, Shakespeare, Barbara Cartland, Georgette Heyer and from the Mills and Boon authors -- Betty Neels, Madeleine Ker, Margaret Pargeter, Daphne Clair, Rebecca Stratton, Sally Wentworth, Jessica Steele, Penny Jordan, Margaret Way, Jayne Anne Krentz, Sara Craven, Carol Mortimer, Michelle Reid, Lynne Graham, Sarah Morgan, Julia James, India Grey, Olivia Gates.

Why is that Indian women in general tend to be runaways even in books? Does that make them more appealing?
I am guilty of making both my heroines – Gauri and Meethi -- runaways! But they are not docile, meek girls who flee in defeat.  Rather they run away because they love too much. Gauri from His Captive Indian Princess runs away because she loves her father and will not allow her illegitimacy to embarrass him. Meethi in His Runaway Royal Bride runs away because she loves her husband Veer but doesn’t think her love is sufficient for him. Running away is an extremely tough decision for both because it means stepping out of their sheltered, protected lives, forgoing their safe cocoon in their quest for a more fulfilled life. And they succeed in becoming independent and forging their individual identities.

What can we expect from you in the future? More romance or something else too?
Well, I’m on my third book right now and several other ideas are also incubating in the mind. An earlier published work includes a book of short stories for children and a sequel also features in my future plans.

What interests you besides writing?
I have myriad interests and lead a fairly hectic life. Between my family and writing I also squeeze in tarot reading, counselling, teaching English literature occasionally and a mean game of badminton.

Book details

His Runaway Royal Bride by Tanu Jain
Publisher: Harlequin Romance
Pages: 185

Price: Rs 150


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