Book review: What Would I Tell Her@ 13? By Sudesna Ghosh

  • Reviewer: Ambica Gulati

There are loads of books on self-help and counselling, but what you need most of the times is simple, easy-to-follow advice. Which is why moms and grandmoms are such a beautiful sight on insight about relationships. And Sudesna Ghosh’s What I Would Tell Her @ 13 is a great book for moms handling teenagers. And even teenagers growing into adults. The book is simply written. There are not too many confusing psychological terms and it’s something every mom can relate to. It’s not a book on needing to go to a doc at the drop of a hat but it’s a book on how a mom can help shape a girl’s life and passage to adulthood.
The book is full of live examples of famous and inspiring women. It even begins with Sudesna’s own experiences which makes it interesting. These are such boosters. I am sure, besides the moms, even the teenagers would enjoy the stories, the pain, the agony and the rise above it all. Sudesna has put in a lot of research and the best part is the she has selected women from all walks of life.
The book has some easy-to-follow advice on how to look after your changing body and the turbulent emotions. There is loads of encouraging stuff such talking about boys, sex-related issues, beauty and health and creating sound awareness about the world around. It is certainly a book to grace your shelves and keep going back to till your daughter is out of the teen phase. And then you pass it on to others who have teenagers.
But what is missing, what happens to the boys Sudesna? We would like to know that too…

Book details
What Would I Tell Her@ 13? By Sudesna Ghosh
Publisher: Harlequin India Private Limited
Pages: 196

Price: Rs 250


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