Must read: The Five Flirting Styles by Jeffrey Hall

Jeffrey Hall

Ambica Gulati

The moment I put the book down, I logged on to take the inventory to find out my flirting style. It’s interesting as the flirting styles change as per country and culture. So the way an American flirts would be completely different from the way an Indian does. Of course, gender differentiation is an understood factor—after all, men are from Mars and women are from Venus! Taking the inventory served as an individualized feedback on my own style. And I am not going to disclose what mine was, you have to take yours to know what I am saying. Check it at
As the author promised it is and eye-opener and mind awakener on how each style is related to love, sex, personality, and dating.
But the book is not merely something that you while away your time with. It’s a good relationship guide. Written by an Associate Professor of Communication Studies at University of Kansas, Jeffrey Hall who earned his doctorate from the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Southern California, the book is neither frivolously written nor has frivolous examples. It has some serious case studies. And explains that flirting is as old as man or time.
And the author conducted a survey before formulating the five styles. The five styles are Physical, Playful, Polite, Sincere and Traditional. It’s an interesting way to understand how you attract relationships, keep them or discard them. The classification is also a good way to begin to understand your self, of how you react and interact with people. It’s also a good book to know when and where to draw the line and safe yourself from a lot of emotional drama and mess.
Exploring and understanding your sexuality is as important as understanding yourself emotionally. And I feel the five flirting styles work superbly on both the aspects.
The best part is that it doesn’t matter what age group you are, after all relationships and love cross our ways at all ages and stages. And the five styles fit anywhere, anytime, any pocket, any size, any age, and any stage kind of bill.
So don’t be shy, do keep it in your handbag for you don’t know in which corner love is waiting for you.

A bit about the five styles from

  • Physical flirting involves the expression of sexual interest through body language. People who scored high in this form of flirting often develop relationships quickly and have more sexual chemistry with their partners. 
  • The polite style of flirting focuses on proper manners and non-sexual communication. While polite flirts are less likely to come on to a potential partner and generally do not find flirting flattering, they tend to have longer, more meaningful romantic relationships. 
  • People with the playful flirting style flirt with little interest in romance. Flirting is fun and a boost to their self-esteem. They flirt for its own sake – no romantic strings attached. 
  • Sincere flirting involves creating an intense emotional connection and communicating sincere interest. Sincere flirts have meaningful romantic relationships that put emotional connection first and sexual chemistry second. 
  • Traditional flirts believe men should make the first move and women should not pursue men. By taking a more passive role in dating, women with this style are likely to report trouble getting men’s attention and are less likely to be direct. Likewise, traditional men often know a potential partner for a longer time before approaching them.

Book details
The Five Flirting Styles by Jeffrey A. Hall
Publisher: Harlequin
Price: Rs 275

Pages: 288 


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