DJ Aadii: “From being just a somebody to a someone”

DJ Aadii in action

Ambica Gulati

I met DJ Aadii (aka Aaditya Ankit Hukku) in Jaipur recently where he kept the guys ‘n’ gals on their feet till midnight. His plans: To come out with four non-stop musical segments from four different genres. DJ Aadii is mainly known for playing commercial, retro, house with retro being his forte. 
He started spinning in the late 1990s. After developing and cultivating his own style over the period of time he has played as a visiting DJ for various clubs across Delhi. With influences ranging from Elvis, Bruce Springsteen to Mozart and Whitney Houston, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan along with Midival Punditz etc, music comes from the mind and soul when he plays. Be it at a club, wedding or home parties, music is known to be a form of entertainment, where in “I believe it’s a language as well as religion”. Currently freelancing as a DJ and working on production of music.
So let’s get to know the person behind the music box. Excerpts from our conversation:

What pulled you to music?
The idea of free entry and gorgeous ladies would fit the idea perfectly, but for me it was my parents as I grew up listening to all kinds of music. Plus knowing that the music I play could make someone somewhere forget their worries and be happy was an added incentive.

How did the journey to being a DJ begin?
This journey did not have a start and shall definitely never end because for many music is entertainment but for me it’s a language I understand best and a religion I believe in.

Where all has music taken you?
Music has taken me across cities like Jaipur, Chandigarh, Mumbai, Pune and many more. But I am happiest and proud about it taking me from being a spoilt kid to a responsible son, from being just a somebody to someone.

What and who makes for a good DJ?
For me there is nothing like a good or a  bad DJ. But yes, DJing for the love of money is way different from playing for the love of music. Play from the heart for happiness and not from the mind for manipulation

Bruce Spirngsteen
Which is your favourite track?
I have a huge list but the top five tracks would be:
1. What a wonderful world by Louis Armstrong
2. Afreen afreen  by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
3. Meri kahani by Atif
4. Lambi judai by Reshma
5. Dancing in the dark by Bruce Springsteen

Which is your favourite club or party place?
Are Lounge Mumbai, Blackout Jaipur, Third Eye Delhi... My favourite ‘Home sweet home’.

What is the trick to keep the party going?
In today’s date and time there is no trick other than a Punjabi track after four pegs. But the most important aspect is to keep everyone in the venue involved and understanding what they want when.

Who influences and motivates you?
It’s difficult to give up your corporate life to follow your dream.  The list is not small but a few people would like to name as they have stood by me from the start—my parents Raj and Rashmi Hukku; my oldest friend Akanksha. And other friends Ekta, Enid, Sakshi, Sumit, including all my friends for supporting me.

How do you keep swooning guys ‘n’ gals away from the work area?
I don’t do much, the security takes care of it. But if somehow they manage to reach me I just request them to pen their request down and give it. Then I play their request when I feel it’s appropriate.

Where are you heading now--future plans?
The future is never certain, so I prefer the present. Currently getting into production with the idea to make music and keep playing till my legs let me party all night long.

Late Reshma
Late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan


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