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Adopt A Dog: #AdoptHappiness

Having a pet is a big responsibility, and we aren’t going to deny that at all. But looking at getting a pet as just a responsibility - nah, we beg to differ there! Being animal lovers, we are aware of the joys of adopting a little furry friend, and these outweigh the negatives any day, says Raveena Sakiri

Too many people have this perception that adopting a dog binds you to your home, and doesn’t let you explore your adventurous side. But dogs seek thrill and adventure as much as you do! Make them a part of your daily routines and your adventures, rather than just limiting them to the four walls of your apartment. Traveling with your pooch can be so rewarding - you will never feel alone, you will always have someone to cuddle with and it gives you an opportunity to form stronger bonds with your best friend. Just take Tiny and Poppet for example. These desi dogs (the best adventure buddies) were adopted from Peepal Farm in Dharamshala, India, and now live a very happy and adventurous (…

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